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A compelling story of how the new medium of photography and the new American frontier came of age together--illustrated with scores of stunning images

This prize-winning book tells the intertwined stories of photography and the American West--a new medium and a new place that came of age together in the nineteenth century.

"Excellent . . . rewarding . . . a provocative look at the limits of photography as recorder of history--and its role in perpetuating myth."--Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

"A sophisticated and engaging exploration of photography and the West . . . A really handsome work."--James McWilliams, Austin Chronicle

"A wonderful book."--Vernon Peter, Sunday Oregonian

"A deliciously intelligent new book . . . so engrossing you can't stop reading."--Michael More, Albuquerque Journal

"Print the Legend belongs on that short shelf of essential books about the American West."--James P. Ronda, University of Tulsa
Publication Date: 
April 10, 2004