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Pilger is the closest thing we have to the great correspondents of the 1930s. The truth in his hands is a weapon, to be picked up and used in the struggle against injustice.-The Guardian In Heroes, the first of his trilogy of books that includes Distant Voices and Hidden Agendas, John Pilger collects his most important writing on the Vietnam War, U.S. politics, Palestine, and the role of committed journalism. Heroes takes us to the front lines of numerous struggles for social justice around the world. Pilger looks at history from the standpoint of ordinary people and those whose stories are rarely heard in the mainstream media, whether the victims of U.S. napalm bombs in Vietnam, those suffering from the ongoing legacy of colonialism in Africa, or the civilians facing bombing in Iraq today. Each chapter, Pilger writes in a new Introduction, tries to make sense of events that have touched and influenced many lives, not least my own. John Pilger is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning journalist, documentary film maker, and author. Born in Australia and based in London, his audience-and subject matter-are truly international. He is a photographer using words instead of a camera, says Salman Rushdie. He writes regularly for The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, The Nation, and the New Statesman, and is a ZNet Commentator. Pilger's Awards include: Campaigning Journalist of the Year (1977), Journalist of the Year (1979), The George Foster Peabody Award (1990), the American Television Academy Award (Emmy) Award (1991), and the 1995 International de Television Award.
Publication Date: 
September 1, 2002