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Through what Joyce described as their style of scrupulous meanness, the stories present a direct, sometimes searing view of Dublin in the early twentieth century. The text of this Norton Critical Edition is based on renowned Joyce scholar Hans Walter Gabler's edited text and includes his editorial notes and the introduction to his scholarly edition, which details and discusses Dubliners' complicated publication history. Contexts offers a rich collection of materials that bring the stories and the Irish capital to life for twenty-first century readers, including photographs, newspaper articles and advertising, early versions of two of the stories, and a satirical poem by Joyce about his publication woes. Criticism brings together eight illuminating essays on the most frequently taught stories in Dubliners--Araby, Eveline, After the Race, The Boarding House, Counterpoints, A Painful Case, and The Dead. Contributors include David G. Wright, Heyward Ehrlich, Margot Norris, James Fairhall, Fritz Senn, Morris Beja, Roberta Jackson, and Vincent J. Cheng.
Publication Date: 
February 1, 2006