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Arguing that it is better to use Christianity as good poetry than as bad science, Holloway sets out to deconstruct its doctrines. His intention, however, "is positive; it is to craft from the Christian past a usable ethic for our own time, " and to invigorate an institution prone to preserve itself rather than the vision it carries.

The result is a timely and hugely important book: a heartfelt and passionately argued case for salvaging the challenge of Jesus by revealing the essence of his teachings and showing why they remain revolutionary, humane, and of massive spiritual importance.

Holloway revels in pluralism, making cultural, political, sociological, and philosophical connections, bringing together the work of poets, critics, political theorists, and philosophers, and offering spiritual hope to the millions around the world who feel that the church has lost its way.

1841953822 (9781841953823)
Publication Date: 
January 14, 2003