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As an academic discipline, a public philosophy, and a social movement, Communitarianism has had a profound influence on contemporary American society. By promoting the idea that a good society is based on a carefully crafted balance between individual rights and social responsibilities, Communitarians have inspired new ideas and crafted new policies to strengthen our families, communities and nation. The Communitarian Reader: Beyond the Essentials brings together essays by prominent social thinkers, reflecting on a wide-range of issues--from new approaches to fighting crime in inner city, to the relationship between norms and laws, and to the role of civil liberties after September 11th. Following the success of The Essential Communitarian Reader, this work takes readers to the next level of Communitarianism, and serves as a vital guide for all interested in further exploring this important social movement.
074254219X (9780742542198)
Publication Date: 
October 1, 2004