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"With beautiful India ink illustrations by the author, this book describes every known plant species around the world (roughly 500) that in one way or another is used in the process of brewing, or making beer. The book is as much for homebrewers and professional beer makers as it is for beer aficionados, botany enthusiasts, and collectors of illustrated food books. The volume contains detailed information that is scientifically verified and precise and offers new stimuli for rediscovering and replicating ancient and early modern uses of these plants. The work contains botanical and beer-making fact sheets for the individual species, botanical illustrations, and information boxes on the plant's use throughout history as well as in current beer production. Each section provides the particular plant's scientific name and classification, morphology and geographical distribution, and detailed information about which of its parts are used in beer making, potential toxicity, chemical composition, and the brewing styles in which it's most commonly used. The volume concludes with a useful glossary to permit non-botanists to make sense of the more technical terminology"--
Publication Date: 
July 26, 2022