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Classics in a classic collection...clearly a must for all libraries, from the university to the small town, and for all readers interested in spirituality... Religious Studies Review Ibn Al' Arabi: The Bezels of Wisdom translation and introduction by R.W.J. Austin, preface by Titus Burckardt It is from God, so hear! And to god do you return! When you hear what I bring, learn! Then with understanding see The details in the whole And also see them as part of the whole. Then give it to those Who seek it, and stint not. This is the mercy that Encompasses you; so extend it. Ibn Al-'Arabi, 1165-1240 Called by Moslems the greatest master, Ibn Al-'Arabi was a Sufi born in twelfth-century Spain. The Bezels of Wisdom was written during the author's later years and was intended to be a synthesis of his spiritual doctrine. Bezel means a setting in which a gem, engraved with one's name, is set to make a seal ring. The setting in which Ibn Al-'Arabi has placed his spiritual wisdom are the lives of the prophets. It was in Damascus that he had the vision that prompted him to write this book. He describes it in his preface: I saw the Apostle of God in a visitation...He had in his hand a book and he said to me, 'This is the book of the bezels of Wisdom; take it and bring it to men that they might benefit from it.' The book portrays the wisdom of love through Abraham, of the unseen through Job, of light through Joseph, of intimacy through Elias and so on. Ibn Al-'Arabi invites us in these pages to explore the inner spiritual meanings of the Quran, its heartful meanings. In one of his poems he stated, Love is the creed I hold: wherever turns His camels, Love is still my creed and faith. +
Publication Date: 
November 1, 1980